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The last pack of bunso’s diapers (Pampers) that my husband sent us is almost over. I already bought a big pack of the S size but wasn’t happy about it. We’ve been a Pampers’ user even during Ate Deye’s time but always used the ones coming from abroad. I practically and literally don’t like the Pampers here, the pads are only in the middle and it just doesn’t fit well for my kids. Well, those are just my thoughts…..

Anyway, I paid a visit to my friend’s house the other day and while catching up on things, we spoke about money saving. The mommyness within us naturally came out that it even lead us to diaper comparison (read : brand and cost). She mentioned that her youngest had been using Smile diaper since birth and so far she’s satisfied with it. She showed me a piece and I liked it especially the tape and the belt that is so soft and feels comfy. So I said why not try it for bunso. From there, I bought a small pack (4 pcs for only P25) just to give it a try.

Yesterday afternoon I let bunso use the first piece and so far it’s good. During our nappy changing, I touched the soiled part and amazingly I didn’t feel any wetness and the best part, bunso seems okay with it. No signs of diaper rash up until now.

With the major changes that are soon to happen, going practical is first on my list these days.

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