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Day 2 : (Serious) Potty Training

“Mama, kaka” she told me while I was busy karaoke-ing this morning wehehehe!

I kept the microphone down as fast as I could before it’s too late. Helped her removed her diaper and in less than 5 minutes, she did it, she did it, she did it!!!

So I guess, we are doing okay…

After cleaning up, she went to the bedroom, I changed her diaper and there she laid down in bed again holding her new Dora book. Then I read everything to her all over again. I have a feeling, this book is really helping….

I hope to see her diaper-free on her first pair of big-girl underwear. And I really wish that it would happen very soon!

Imagine the savings you could keep every month? Fingers crossed…. 

Mitch Carvalho

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  • analyse

    wow, congratulations deye. that’s a good start. just be constant mommy mitch, she’s soon on finish line, hurray! why not try removing her diapers during daytime na, so she will really realize, and ask her to tell you when it’s potty time.. of course there will be accidents, but that’s part of the process.. naku mitch, pag wala ng diapers, mas masarap lalo damitan hahaha.. hey, masusundan na ba yan sa june lol.

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