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The bedroom that we are using now is the same as the bedroom that I had used in my parents house when I was still single. I love it coz it’s at the corner end of the house. Proper ventilation is there. Far from the noise that’s usually created by the kids playing in front of the house.

Before we arrived here, my dad had the room painted, close to yellow green. It so happened that most of the bed sheets that I brought home are green. It’s not my fave color but I love the brightness that it gives to the room. Few weeks after we came, I shopped for bedding and comforters that we could use. I can’t stand to use just plain thin blankies at night especially when the AC is on. I’d prefer a comforter or a fleece blanket. Few days before that I saw a very attractive polka dot bedding online. I first tried to look in the local market but no luck! I just love its color. I’m sure you’d also love it!

Just the other night, I suddenly remembered about it. I’m glad the link is still saved in my bookmarked pages. I wish my daughter has that kind of bed furniture. Even if I want to purchase a set of this, it’ll be useless for we are still co-sleeping. I might just have to find something similar in their website that cold fit a king size bed. For now.. yes, for now….

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