Since I gave birth, I noticed that I’m losing hair each day. And I’m not talking about numbers of strands here, they are a lot that sometimes stop me from brushing my hair. I’m afraid that by the time I reached 40, maybe…. Ah forget it! I just hope by that time technology has also reached to its highest level. Because of this paranoia or say craziness over little thing, I typed hair restoration in Google and got tons of returns, but Connecticut hair restoration caught my attention. Maybe because of the photos shown on their website. I browsed the page and saw Female hair loss:

Female hair loss can be caused by any number of conditions.  Some female hair loss cases are due to heredity, while others have to do with illnesses, hormones, diet, and stress. Hormonal changes are the cause of the majority of female hair loss cases.  Many women will begin to lose hair when they experience a change in their estrogen levels.  These changes can include pregnancy, discontinuing birth control pills, miscarriage, and taking or stopping hormone replacement therapy.

I think that answered my question…. but I won’t tell you which one hahaha! If the time comes that I would need a treatment like this, I just hope that I would have enough moolah to fund this kind of surgery. :p