Highest paid week

Indeed, last week has been the most highest paid and blessed week in my blogging history. Let me list them down one by one:

  • I first sold Mary Kay Php9k worth, with the help of my mom who patiently took the school mommies orders for me. In return, as they always say “share your blessings”, I am not charging my mom of her last Cleansing bar order.
  • I was lucky to have been offered links by Andrew of Drivenetwork. Thanks to Kaye for sharing Andrew with us. Of course, I have also shared this opp to my other fellow mommies.
  • As always, Sheriff had been very good to us all PU2Bloggers and they never fail to make our weekends happier.
  • Lastly, my name was picked as the first prize winner in the recent announcement of Pinay Mommy Online Thanksgiving Giveaways Winners.

God is really good especially during the times when I’m in need, badly. As I have said in my earlier post, he must have watched over us the past weeks on how I struggled with my bunso’s asthma attacks and managed with the money that I have considering that I have not gone to work for a week and since I have no more leave days to take, those days are clearly a loss from my salary. Now at least those expenses and losses have been replenished.

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