Music is not only a point of entertainment. Music is a healer. For ages now experts have said that music therapy is one of the most helpful therapies there is in the world. Imagine how your day starts when the first thing you hear on the radio is your favorite song. Your day brightens up. Now imagine how it feels after a long day and you are from work and on your journey home, you listen to a countdown of some of your favorite jams. That feeling is usually too good to be over. There are different genres of music ranging from the classics to the hard stuff to even the love songs, cultural songs, and religious song. According to the kind of music that you like listening to then you can get fulfillment from it.

I have visited a couple of rehabs before being one of them and apart from their healing programs and one on one sessions that they have with their patients, they also have therapies that they carry out every so often as part of the healing process. With the unique combination of beautiful surroundings, great, and such therapies you can now understand from where they get their high success rate from.

Music and art therapies are good when it comes to regenerating the brain. They are very good when it come sot dealing with helping those who had been experiencing memory loss and those who had developed a very low IQ level from the drugs to recover. Music is made up of beats and tunes and honestly speaking these are very addictive. You will notice that every now and then there will be a song that will be ringing in your mind even though you don’t know its lyrics and it will be quite repetitive and nagging. If you listen to a song once and you happen to like it, trust me it will nag you till you look for it and get it.

Music is quite soothing too as it brings out another world by itself. I have seen people separate themselves from the world and sink deep into music in such a way that they are completely ignorant of what is happening around them. This is the desired kind of effect that it should have on these patients. It should relax their minds and give them enough time to meditate and reflect. It helps them clear their mind and it is one of the most powerful stress relievers.

Music therapy is however done is the advanced stages of healing. The best thing I have ever heard from an ex-addict is that they substituted their addiction for drugs with an addiction to music. Music is quite engaging and with a repeated beat in mind trust me you will be tempted to come up with some good lines. This helps the cognitive part of the mind and it helps healing process as now the brain is at work full time and with something that it loves.

Mitch Carvalho

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