There were days when I had neglected my make-up brushes thinking that “Anyway, I am the only person who uses them, so it’s okay” until my girls started using some of my stuff. I do not let the cream formulas and powder build up on my brushes for more than a week anymore. However, maintaining make-up tools can also cost a lot if you are to use store bought make-up cleanser. I may have sets of expensive brushes (because they were given to me as gifts haha!), but I will never spend so much maintaining them. So I searched online and discovered that you can also clean them by only using household items. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean your makeup brushes at a very affordable way:

Things you will need:

White Vinegar
Dishwashing Liquid (You can use baby shampoo as an alternative)
Warm Water
Make-up Cleansing Board (If you don’t have this, your fingers can do the work. Give your brushes some good and careful strokes)

My girls and I made a video to make it easier for you to follow. Enjoy watching!

Please bear with my video editing skills haha! I am really not good at this. Can anyone suggest a user-friendly video editor for a newbie like me? Thanks in advance!

I love how clean my brushes turned out! We all know that vinegar is also a good alternative cleaning agent. Look at how dirty the water got while they were soaked in it!

If you are worried of the vinegar’s unpleasant smell, no worries, the dishwashing liquid will do the work. Just make sure that you let your brushes dry overnight by laying them down on a clean and  dry towel.

Here you go, brand new looking make-up brushes!

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