I have been a PayPal user since the day I monetized this blog. Sure there are other online payment methods available these days like Payoneer but I just feel more comfortable with PayPal, and decided to stick with it. Besides, my current Employer pays via PayPal, too! If you receive payments via PayPal on a regular basis, it could get annoying when the Sender asks for your PayPal email address. Admit it, sometimes you get mixed up with your own email accounts so it’s always better to have an option on how to get paid faster with no mistakes.

You can now get paid with the click of a link. No idea? Here’s how. Just click this LINK. Make sure you are logged in.

grab your link

In my case, I already had mine set up, so it will obviously show this message when I click the grab link.

If this is your first time, it will prompt you to create your link. If you get lucky, you will have your preferred username (ex:  PayPal.Me/juandelacruz), otherwise, PayPal will suggest the closest name to your preferred one. When done, you can Manage your link and start sharing it with your customers. Just click COPY and you are good to go.

See your link. Click the See your link button.

This is what customers see when they click your link. They can just enter the amount and click next to proceed with the transaction.

Or otherwise, when sending your link, you can immediately add a specific amount to the end of your link. For example, use paypal.me/juandelacruz/25 to ask for $25.00. This is what they will see:

Hide your link. If you are not comfortable with it, you can always hide it. You still keep your link, it’s just hidden from the world until you turn it back on. But once it’s hidden, that means your customers will need to go to the PayPal site and send payments to your email address like the usual.

If you change your mind, you can go to your PayPal.Me page and tap “Manage” to turn it back on.

Claim yours now! Avoid hassle when getting paid. Have your very own personalized PayPal.Me link. It’s a great way rather than sending your email address whenever, and get worried when you send the wrong one.

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