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How to get your child talk

At 2 years old, my eldest, Deye, speaks very well already.  She could count from 1-10, say her ABCs, identify colors, sing nursery rhymes and shapes and spell her name.


So what did I do to make this possible? I simply talk to her and put her into a conversation again and again and again until she gets tired. I do this whenever I have time and am free, but most of the time before tucking them in bed, or when the lights are already switched off so that I’d have their attention. I never baby talked to her and used baby words like papa, mamam and the likes, which most moms even my mom do. I just thought it won’t help the child get the right words whenever she’s ready to compare. It will be quite confusing for a child to know the difference of mamam and drink when in fact they have the same meaning.

The fact that my husband works overseas, it somehow helped me motivate myself and extend my patience to go on talking to her and have it recorded. That way, I just have to send the link to him and tada, he’s updated of Deye’s latest antics and newly learned words.

The hardest part for me was the “language”, English particularly as it was the first language introduced to her. It was not a choice but a must for us so that she could communicate with her Dada. I also had to be very careful with my diction and pronunciation as it might stick in her mind if I say it the wrong way. The Vs and Bs for example.

Now that my youngest is approaching the stage of learning the art of communication, I just follow the same pattern and process that I have done with my eldest. The only difference is she doesn’t like it recorded. Once the cam is on, she will just stop talking and walk away.

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  • lovingly mama

    ay oo the choice of language. we also started on english but when she spends time with her grandma, she talks in chinese. so in the end, dindin talks to us in english and tries to talk to her grandma in chinese. sometimes, she also tries ilonggo and even french! hahaha


  • Mommy Mitch

    @Lovingly Mama, confusing din yun huh! That’s the reason why my husband does not like the idea of introducing his language to our girls, they’ll pick up na lang daw in time.

    Both my girls know Tagalog and English, which makes me worry less kasi I know di sila mabebenta dito.


  • Mommy Mitch

    @Jared’s Mum, He will be sis, don’t worry! Just keep on talking to him and he’ll be okay. May ibang bata kasi sadyang tamad magsalita. Etong bunso ko, madaldal kaso di naman maintindihan, swerte ng makabuo ng mahabang salita na tama.


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