My bad! Sorry Mahal, just being honest here (My husband works for DHL hehe!) The reason why I Heart FedEx more than DHL is that they deliver faster! Remember the day when I ordered for Banana Peel slippers? The other day, I got the order confirmation from their Sales and was informed to expect the delivery on Monday. But this morning at around 10am, somebody called for my name at our gate. When I checked who it was, I saw FedEX’s truck outside. So I thought “It could be from Banana Peel, but how come they delivered earlier than expected?” I was right, the box was from Banana Peel! Na-excite ako haha! Thanks Gemma! Of course I want to share the photos with you heehee!

These are mine, supposed to be 7 pairs but my cousin came on time so you know… She liked one and I gave it to her. Hay! Bakit ba magkasize kami wahahaha!

There were three pairs of size 10, but dad took one already and I wasn’t able to take a shot yet, coz I was busy checking on my slippers haha!

Of course, for my little one… Believe me she wouldn’t leave the 2nd pink with the butterfly as soon as she saw it. Kikay din eh!

Gosh I’m so happy today hahaha! But a little bit confused which one to wear first LOL! Take note, two days before this Banana Peel mania (LOL), I just had two new pairs {one was from my cousin Jamie while the other one was from my own pocket hehe!}

Hay! I can’t get enough of these flip flops! Teehee!

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