SAHM Wants, SAHM Shares

Look what I did today, I ordered some flip flops online. Teehee!

No! I’m not panic buying, it’s just that I want to save from paying more for the shipping charges. For online orders over Php1,500, you get a free shipping. By the way, these are all from Banana Peel. It’s all because of my cousin who gave me this. Then, I thought they should have a website, let me find out and I found it haha! Of course I ordered not only for me but for my dad, bro and little one as well. Mom is not fond of Banana Peel, she just doesn’t like it. She’s more comfortable wearing Camino slippers and sandals. But I’m sure once she sees all of it, she might just grab one from me, we share the same size so it won’t be a problem.

By the way,  sizes 10 are for my brother (2) and dad (1), 5 for Jamie (some sort of returning a favor coz she’s got Dora for Derelle today), k11 for Derelle, 6 for my bro’s girlfriend and 8 for me hahaha! I think I got a total  of 7 pairs for me hahaha! This is because they accept payment through PayPal. Great find huh? At least something from my hard earned opps. :p

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  1. Hi Aeirin! Di lang sya 7 pairs sis, akin lang yung 7 pairs haha! May 7 more pairs pa…. 😉 Naiinip na nga ako hahaha! Gusto ko umalis bukas para masuot ko yung bago ko LOL!


  2. hmmmn…dami nyan a. sarap naman you bought it from the money you’ve earned from blogging. pwede ba magpaturo pano gawin ‘yan? 😀 hmmmn teka… sahm wants (me), sahm shares (you) heehee.

    ang laking mura ng banana peel comp to havs and magaganda din ang designs. me, i have 4 pairs kasi mura pa before. i think i got it for 95 or 99 only. basta less than a hundred. kaya lang may style sila na hindi malambot at nag-pe-peel agad ang print.

    enjoy your flip-flops!

    btw, you’re from nueva ecija?


  3. Paturo ng? Paid blogging?

    Madami na kasi ngayoon nagkalat sa labas na Banana Peel, at di natin alam kung tunay nga yun. So far the one okay pa naman.

    Nope sis, I’m from Olongapo City.


  4. I just found your blog following a link, it’s nice, but I hope you can update it more often, hehe, because the information that you have here is quite interesting. Keep going!


  5. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.


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