I made a good deal!

Someone’s bike is parked outside! I wish I could say “someone’s car is parked outside” very soon LOL! I’m not posting it because it’s new. It’s not. It’s already a 1 y/o bike but since I don’t allow Deye to play outside our compound, she doesn’t get to play with it a lot. Now that the whole compound’s ground (please excuse unwanted things in the photo, construction is still ongoing) is cemented and more elevated in anticipation of floods (kitchen sinks are next. They need to be replaced, very badly. Water leaks and it’s not a good thing to put a tub under the sink literally. Stagnant water invites more mosquitoes in the house), she got excited to the idea of biking around our house.

Lately, she doesn’t show a good appetite. In fact, this lunch time I had to make a good deal with her which I’m sure she’d agree. “If you eat and finish your lunch, you can play with your bike outside this afternoon after school and even the whole weekend, if you like. That’s a promise!” Obviously, she compromised. So there, I gave her bike a good bath a while ago and parked it outside heehee! By the time she’s back from school, it’s already dried up.

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