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There are times when I complain of what I have to go through everyday. I complain that I don’t get to sleep at least 4 hours straight. I complain that I have to cook dinner still in my office clothes. I complain for the taxes that I have to pay and get nothing in return. KCat is an eye opener for me. Going through her blog made me realized that I am one lucky being. All I have to do is thank for the things that I have and don’t have. I should be thankful for not having able to sleep straight 4 hours, that means I still have a strong system for being able to get up the next day despite the lack. I should be thankful that I have the capability to cook whether it does taste good or not. I should be thankful that I am paid well that’s why I am taxed that much. And lastly be thankful for the things I still don’t have for I know everything has a reason.

I really admire KCat for being strong and still work hard despite her situation. I know many people (and relatives, unfortunately) who are “able” but choose/opt not to work simply because they don’t want to. Parasites! Sorry for the term but that’s how I label them, parasites. All they know is depend on someone.

This is one of the traits that I admire about KCat. As what she called her self  “I am an able disable”.

I’m not really asking for money, buying from me is much better.. But you can donate if you want to.. There’s no big or small in helping, it’s the HELP that matters…

If you visit her site, you’d know what I am saying. She sells t-shirts of her own design and other items to sustain her surgery and medication. I haven’t bought any of those, as yet, but I will. I’d rather spend over a shirt than wasting my blog earnings to give way to my wants. You CAN too!

Oh by the way, she had a successful operation yesterday but this doesn’t mean that the fund raising campaign stops. Buying a shirt won’t hurt. I promise!

To you KCat, I admire you big time. Please continue to touch others’ lives as how you have touched mine. God bless you more!

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  1. I, too, had an open-head surgery in 2004. Although the operation left permanent damage to my eyes, I still consider myself lucky because I had medical insurance to cover the cost of my surgery, unlike KCat. She’s really admirable, and we all should do our part to help. Thanks for this info!


    Mommy Mitch Reply:

    I, too, admire you for sharing your experience.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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