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Tops from Jen JuanWhen I bought these tops (red & green) online, I was confident that they’d just fit me well. It felt like “love at first sight” that’s why I immediately asked Jen to reserve them for me. Both the tops had only 1 piece each left. That time, my mom was also online and asked her if she’d like some. So she chose 2 as well. Paid them right away as I was afraid that someone else might take it before me.

I loved the style. I didn’t care nor even think of the size! In my opinion, hell yeah I don’t need any of those “all natural diet pills” sold in the market. Hmmm… I was actually right. When the tops arrived today, I tried them on and tada! They’re just my size. Um… well… I almost didn’t fit in but I’m just glad I still did LOL!

Oh by the way, Jen still has some pieces left of her “Bagsak Presyo Sale : Accessories, Tops, Dresses“, you might want to check them out. If I am not mistaken, this was my 3rd set of purchase already. The first set was red & white tops which I haven’t worn yet, then the identical dresses for the girls and then these ones. Irresistible coz they are so affordable! Besides I need more clothes for work. Okay, now I am being too defensive for spending such amount haha!

Thanks Jen! Till next “set” of purchase teehee!

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