Is This Goodbye?

Is this goodbye, Bahrain?

I’ve spent 8 years working here and I’d say that Bahrain has already occupied a big space in my heart. This is where my “own” life has started. This is where I met the man of my dreams. This is where we built our family… Bahrain will always be a special place for me.

But you see, our life here is not permanent. We only make a living here to survive. There will be a day that we’d say goodbye…. And I think that day has already come…

We’ve been wanting to leave this place and go somewhere else. We had plans but something else came up. Hubby got an offer, a better one. He has decided to go ahead and grab that opportunity. Of course, as his betterhalf, I need to support him. We’re just waiting for the offer letter in black and white and that’s it, Derelle and I are off to Philippines. Unless there will be another change of plan, but I don’t think there will be… I guess this is it! *sigh*

I have contacted some of my friends already who could help me find a good job. In the meantime, let’s not bid goodbye yet because this move would mean more time with blogging… I mean paid blogging… Hahaha!


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  1. awww, i can feel un mixed emotions here sis!
    hard talaga since u built memories na rin kasi there..
    pero yep, ur ryt! think positive muna.
    ika nga ni jon bon jovi at james bond:
    never say goodbye for tomorrow never dies!
    focus ur energies muna to paid bloggin!
    suportahan taka, namin!
    stay kewl, take care, cheer up, lift ur hand, smile sabay kaway!
    huggies! =)

    Nag-eemote nga ako kanina kasi syempre tagal ko na din dito. Thanks!


  2. hmmm, not sure what to say that wud make u feel better. cge lang sis, emote po is good. i feel for u. tc! =(

    I’ll get over this, sa simula lang ito, once I’m back home, okay na ulit siguro. First time kasi namin magkakalayo ni D waaaaaaaah!


  3. Well, change can be good. And if it’s a really good offer then you should take it. All for the love of family. Kala ko naman sa Pinas na ang punta niyo. Saan ba?

    Good luck Sis!! Balitaan mo kami 🙂

    Sa Pnas nga pero kaming mag-ina lang, si hubby eh somewhere else.

    Of course, at makikipagkita pa ako sa inyo once settled na kami ulit dun. 🙂


  4. oh that would be sad, sis. it will take forever to let you forget the place..pramis!

    bt the sunny side of it, you can regularly join kfg gatherings and baka sa panahon na na ganito makita ko kayo ni deye at derrick in real. will it be in makati area hotels? and masundan na si deye anytime kasi marami na gustong magbantay — pwede libre. (wink)

    I know…. forever na ‘to sa puso ko naks! :p

    Hmmm, we’re working on it, very hard! Hahaha!

    Huh? Makati? No, he won’t be working in Pnas, somewhere else.


  5. Hi sis! mahirap talaga malayo sa asawa, iniisip ko pa lang parang di ako makahinga. Kasi di ba nasanay ka ng nandyan parati si D sa tabi mo. Pero think about it na temporary lang at di ba sabi mo work naman yun. Sa una lang parang ang hirap but after a 1 or 2 months masasanay ka rin chat mo na lang sya parati. Nandyan naman si Deye at mga friendship mo , pampawi ng lungkot……

    Cheer up! at wag u alisin ngiti sa mga labi mo, para naman di ma sad si D =:)

    Onga eh, sacrifice for the future. 🙁 Thanks for dropping by! Kisses to Isay.


  6. ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…huwag! di ako payag!

    really, if balik pinas ka lang man at sya sa ibang lugar, then i think mas better life mo if dyan ka lang sa bahrain kesa dito. Why can’t you be with him? 🙁 ay sad naman yan na news…

    There’s no point of staying here kung kaming dalawa lang ni Derelle. Para ko ng pinatay ang sarili ko nun sa pagod. Saka di na din practical kung kukunin ko ang mom ko and spend more than BD300 every 3 months for her plane ticket just to help me out, if I choose to stay. Kung same expenses din lang, why move to another place pa hehehe!

    Why can’t I be with him? Bcoz I can’t leave my child. Di sya pwede dun. Wala na ngang tatay, pati ba naman nanay mawawalan pa? But it’s my opinion lang ha?


  7. I hope it’s not yet goodbye Mitch. sana it’s possible that you and Deye can go with Hubby kung saan man sya ma destino sa work nya. pero if the best decision would be for you and Deye to stay in Pinas, then go for it! EB tayo ha! 🙂

    I wish we could join him there, kaso di pwede eh. 🙁 Of course! Yan ang di pwedeng mawala, EB! 🙂


  8. Yah i agree with u that a parent would be with Deye — bt i mean i can’t imagine the 3 of you being separated. >>this is such a crazy world and at times crazy things happen and what if that will happen and u are so far from him and he is so far from you.
    ((opinion ko lang rin)) kasi di ko ma imagine hiwalay kayong tatlo.

    jst curious..will your mom still spend 300kd going to dubai or to the nearest country near bahrain? or let her go to india kc diba mura lang fair papunta dun?

    Alam na ni D ang consequence kung magloko man sya. Kasi kung ako naman malabong makagawa ako ng bagay na ganun, if that’s what you meant.

    Re: My mom, syempre may connecting flights yun to Bahrain and remember the visa expenses so ganun din hehehe!


  9. possibly but i never thought u could do it what i meant is sparing u from pain in the future.

    ay mahal din pa pala…

    anyways, kung saan kayo masaya na decisyon — wish you luck and happiness forever ——–

    i hate goodbyes! huhuhuhu

    Kaya namin ‘to. We’ll get used to it soon…


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