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Ishi talks more at almost 2

Deye, my eldest talked straight at 2. But Ishi talks more at almost 2. You would hear a lot of new words coming from her mouth day by day. In fact, she could even construct a few sentence already like:

Hawa! Gayit ti Mama! (Hala! Galit si Mama!) and she would run to Lolo or Mita and asked for help! Or even to her Ate whom she usually fights with.

A while ago, I asked her “Where is Yosh (she calls her nanny Rose “Yosh”)?” and she answered quickly “Nana, aba dwess Ishi baba!” Go figure! Hahaha!

Most of her words are not complete yet but I am certain she’d be good better in conversations than her big sister, Deye. Even when we chat with their Dada over Skype, she’s always the first one to go in front and say “Hi, Dada!” and waves her hand. As far as I know, a typical 2 year old can put two words together, that’s what makes me sure that my youngest is doing well.

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