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Midnight Talks With Deye

Deye slept so late tonight. She was up until 1am. We had a good time though. We watched 2 movies, Herbie (Fully Loaded) and (Barbie) Dancing Princesses. She loved both. She was so engrossed watching them.

Before I tucked her in bed, she was talking talking and talking… Until I laid down beside her, she was still talking so I secretly turned my cellphone recorder on. But she figured out when she noticed the light coming through my hand. And she started more instead hahaha!

| Click here to listen |

Every time I record her voice, I would tell her that she has to do it because I am sending it over to Dada, and glad she does. Did you notice as the recording started, she mentioned “call dada?”Just to give you a clue of what she was talking about in the recording…. Well, her morning routine includes visiting our relatives next street particular to my dad’s youngest sister’s house whom she fondly calls “Lola Bitz”. Tita would give her chocolates everyday. But I guess, this morning it was my dad’s uncle who gave her some, she calls him “Lolo Uncle”. When I asked her was the chocolate it nice, she said “veyi hard” hahaha!

Anyway, enjoy!

Mitch Carvalho


  • nsdjg2

    Hi Mitch. You’re daughter’s just so precious, sooo adorable. Super daldal :)! How old is she? I have a friend, her daughter is turning four this September and she’s not even half as daldal as Deye. Kaya tuloy woworry kami. Anyway, I just couldn’t help but drop a line after I heard her singing and talking. yun lang po.. have a good one!


  • Mama Mitch

    Hey Donna! Thanks for dropping by!

    Deye is almost 2 years and 2 months. Yeah, she is madaldal talaga at her age. We have kids around here na ka-age nya halos and they don’t talk as much as Deye does. Ewan ko ba kanino nagmana yan wahahaha!

    Tell your friend don’t worry, kasi iba iba naman ang development ng mga bata. Deye maybe advanced in communicating with people pero delayed naman sya sa iba, like until now di pa sya toilet trained, kahit anong gawin ko she won’t sit “there”.

    Come again ha? :p


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