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It Slipped My Mind! Tsk!

I knew it was my cousin’s birthday yesterday, I actually greeted her in advance last week. But this morning I realized I forgot when she sent a message to my brother:

How come Ate Mitch didn’t greet me on my birthday?

Darn! I completely forgot about it! Been too occupied these past few days. Been busy with things that I had to finish. I even promised her that I’d have something for her. I thought I’d Give the Gift of Personalized WIne. Coz the last time I visited her, I saw a couple of bottles on her desk and she said that one of her girlfriends gave it to her when the family came on vacation. So I promised her I’d give one, and since her birthday was coming, I thought it was the perfect time. My bad! I forgot about it!

Well, it isn’t too late…. I’m sure I could get it online and have it delivered to her directly. A belated gift will be accepted I’m sure. And to cheer her up, I even made a digital scrap layout for her, a very simple one. Maybe I’d have a print of that too and have it mailed to her one of these days.

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