Inspired by Lady Cess.

I just read Lady Cess’ post on “Legacy”. It reminded me of my childhood. Just like her, payatot na ako nung bata pa. Kung anu ano na atang vitamins ang pinainom sa akin and yet walang effect.

Madaming tales na pag nagmenstruate na yan, tataba na yan. Or some would say, paputulan niyo kasi ng buhok, sa buhok na ata napupunta ang bitamina. At kung susundin nila siguro yun, baka nakalbo na ako hahaha!

Sa sobrang hopeless ng parents ko they even supplied me with 2 pcs of balot and Sterilized Milkmaid (yun nga ba yun?) everyday. As in everyday! Nauta na lang ako’t lahat di pa din ako tumaba hehehe!

I remember my classmates would bully me and say “lampayatot” daw ako. Dati pa nga, I was passing by the classroom aisle and asked one of my classmates to move his chair a little as it was blocking the way. He was so mean and told me, “sus, kasya ka naman dyan eh kahit hindi iusog”.

Dati, I feel so bad hearing those things… But now I see it as an advantage after giving birth. Lahat na ng friends ko nagtabaan after delivery, pero ako sexy pa din hahahaha! Correction, sumexy pala. Kasi yung dating payatot nagkalaman na. O di va? :p

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  1. i do agree that each of us has this fave thing. weird nga minsan. 😀

    i can’t remember, if I had one in my childhood but i cant sleep on somebody’s pillow even my sibs’ until i was in high school. 😀

    na-outgrow ko din yon when i left home for college. 😀


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