Love it but….

One of the signs that I gain weight is my arm. It just gets fatter and…. ah! Do you see the photo? And my…… Well, I am happy with it LOL! I’m actually enjoying having it. Thanks to this pregnancy, it got bigger but darn it hurts a lot! Lactating maybe? But don’t you think it’s too early to lactate?

Whatever! The fact that it looks better, I couldn’t ask for more haha! But maybe after delivering, I’d probably need the help of the best diet pills on the market.

I marked my notepad. This time my pre-preg weight was 53. And guess what it was when I was pregnant with my first born, it was only 42 kgs. Yeah, that was my pre-preg weight LOL!

42 vs. 53. Sounds scary and alarming huh? Uh oh!

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