Made $2700 approx with PU2B alone

I don’t exactly remember the date I started blogging for money religiously but I sure do know how long I have been with PU2B now. To date, I have already made $2700 approximate with them alone since Feb 2008 and I must say PU2B is the only consistent paying program I’ve had since then. Some survived for few months only while most of them turned out to be scams.

Before I became active and loyal to PU2B, I was also with:

(1) Smorty – I made more than $500 with them but I think they don’t work too well with WP free hosted blogs. During that time, I remember owning only one free hosted blog. When I finally decided getting my own domains, Smorty has also decided to stop giving me opps.

(2) PayPerPost – Guess I don’t need to elaborate the reason why I stopped working with them. I’m loyal with PU2B!

Okay, I’d better not continue with the list. I just know and I will never get tired of saying I love PU2B! It bought me many things already (to mention a few were baby crib and a sofa corner set, while most of my earnings went to my dues and MISC expenses. If I had a car, some of the earnings would have also gone to some cheapest car insurance expenses) and in fact helped me improve my writing skills in my own unique way.

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