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Some more things that PU2B bought me

PU2B had been very generous lately and I was so happy coz it was timely just before I gave birth. I was able to buy things for Erchee out of my PU2B earnings allowing me not to spend from the remittance that my husband sends plus some things for the house. The crib itself that you see in the photo was also courtesy of PU2B which I bought 3 months ago, plus the crib bedding set from Dakki (that’s actually the 2nd set I bought still out of PU2B hard earned $$$, the first set I bought was Disney Princess also from Dakki).

As I’ve said, I have also bought some things for the house. The red carpet that you see in the background was another gift from the very generous sheriff. I bought it @P450 per meter and the living room needed almost 10 meters. Go figure how much I’ve earned extra that week when I bought it!

There’d be more… I haven’t touched the last earnings I received from them. Don’t you just love PU2B?

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