Mama, Mama, I Am Sick!

Just two days ago, she was perfectly fine. The day my PC finally decided to give up, she also fell sick.

We were both napping that afternoon and I got shocked when I felt something very hot on my skin. It was Deye’s foot on my other thigh. I immediately got up and took her temperature. It was already 38.4. Gave her a cold compress and medicine. After she had taken her medicine, her fever went down to 37.3. So I was calmed down.

At around half past 12 midnight, again it went up to 38 something, and that time it wasn’t going down at all. I kept on giving her a cold compress until I gave up. I woke my mom up and told her I’m taking Deye to the nearest clinic, which is just next street. Reached there at around 3am, and came home at past 6am. When the attending nurse checked her temperature it was already 39.1 and even reached to 39.7. The thing is the doctor can’t tell what the cause was coz she does not have any cold, or cough, not even tonsillitis. He even checked if rashes will appear while a piece of rubber is tied on her arm, but nothing. So he said observe until today afternoon if the fever continues, then we would have to take another test. 🙁

Right now, she’s fast asleep, with normal temperature. I hope it’ll continue like this… I have already canceled the team building that I’m supposed to be attending this weekend out of town. Deye first before anyone else….

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. hi sis, hope she feels better now. sad to know about that bt am sure she will soon be fine. she’s healthy as in healthy. diba?


  2. @ Arlene : She’s better now. She is, and one strong lil girl too! One more good thing about her pag maysakit she still demands for food and milk, at naglalaro. Thanks!


  3. Hi Ana! She’s okay now. Weather must be the culprit or lagnat-laki.

    Thanks for asking, I really appreciate it….

    How are you and your pregnancy? And the little one?


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