When I see red tags that say “SALE“, I get disturbed and tend to panic, eventually get disappointed upon realizing I do not really need but just wanting it. Yesterday was just one of the usual days when my only brother comes home for a short vacation. We go shopping!! He called and asked me to meet him at SM. So I did after work.

He first saw a maxi dress, and insisted that I should have that for a change, which he bought with a matching pair of shoes (that, I will blog about next time). He was in the mood telling me “how about flats?” Um, okay. I should not disappoint him right? If I say no, he might feel bad haha! He didn’t give me that much chance to choose and again insisted on getting the blue one.

Blue pair

A pair of blue Mario d’ Boro flats, less 10% discount originally valued at Php799. It has elegant buckles fixed on top.


Full shot

A higher back than the usual pair of flats.


Back view

Thanks, Marky! Love yah!

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