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Mom woke me up at past 8am and handed the postal notice. The packages that we’ve been waiting for have come, at last! It took 15 days to reach here. *sigh* Those are the personal stuff that I left in India (bags and shoes) plus my daughter’s milk (in tin). There were 6 tins of 2kgs each and toys. We thought we’d stay there for a couple of months that’s why my husband bought some from Bahrain for our daughter’s 2 months consumption. I was really happy and smiling that it came all in good condition (even it came later than expected), at least I could save from buying her milk for 2 months heehee!

Before I went to collect the parcel, I first checked my emails and got disappointed when I read Amore’s email saying that she received a message from Gatorhost informing her that my primary blog When Silence Speaks has been suspended as it has too many resources causing problems to their server. I felt bad coz almost all of my paid opps and some pending tasks are for that blog. I just hope it’ll be resolved soon…

By the way, here’s another thing that pissed me off today, I realized that I get charge of Php700+ for every Php10k withdrawal transaction that I make (Yeah, you can blame me for not checking it eversince LOL!). . Ganun ba kamahal talaga pag International account? I could buy a new single tv stand for that amount! *sigh*

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  • pinaymommy

    Nako Mommy, ganon talaga ka mahal basta international. Anyway, so sad to hear about your other blog. Ano kaya problema nila.

    By the way, thanks for leaving me a comment. I do appreciate your thoughts.

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