Mom Wants Something New

Curtains! Yup, she wanted a new set of curtains for the house… Hmmm, how do I say it, a curtain lover? LOL! Well, actually she was. She is. She will always be. You won’t believe how many set of curtains we have at home, but most of them are out of fashion already. Ssshhhhh! You know the ones that come with laces? Those ones wehehehe! And when she have them tailored, everything has to match with it i. e. table runners, appliances covers (TV top etc).

Ah! You can’t compare our house when fully made with a color-coordinated-dressed-to-kill-toddler coz I find them pretty the same hahaha! Ooooppps! Guilty! Wait! Does it mean it runs in the blood? Hahahaha! Not only that, I still vividly remember how she spent time crocheting bed spreads and curtains. No breaks! My relatives and sometimes neighbors would borrow them for special occasions. One time, my close friend borrowed one and never returned it. My mom almost bit me! If she could, she would’ve done it, I swear! Well, it’s been ages, I’m sure she won’t remember now….

By the way, today is her 52nd birthday. No party though. I’m broke! But I had already given her a new set of silver jeweleries. She loved it! It’s not much but I made her happy! She’s also a silver lover LOL!

Happy birthday mudra! Mwah!

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