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If there’s one new favorite I could fondly call at this time or say the thing I am really eager to do is breastfeeding. I didn’t get this chance with my eldest and I really wanna do it this time. Unfortunately, I lost the first day breastfeeding Erchelle coz they advised me to get enough rest first as I had lost a lot of stored energy in my system just before I was able to give birth.

{Sorry I had to blur and put some effects on the image}

I admit, I still have to know a lot more about breastfeeding but I’m slowly getting there with the help of Kelly Mom. Today, I learned that:

A mother who wishes to increase milk supply should aim to keep the breasts as empty as possible throughout the day. To accomplish this goal and increase milk production:

  1. Empty the breasts more frequently (by nursing more often and/or adding pumping sessions between nursing sessions)
  2. Empty the breasts as thoroughly as possible at each nursing/pumping session.

To better empty the breasts:

  • Make sure baby is nursing efficiently.
  • Use breast massage and compression.
  • Offer both sides at each nursing; wait until baby is finished with the first side before offering the second. Switch nursing may be helpful if baby is not draining the breast well.
  • Pump after nursing if baby does not adequately soften both breasts. If baby empties the breasts well, then pumping is more useful if done between nursing sessions (in light of our goal to keep the breasts as empty as possible).

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  1. hi, that picture is so priceless, gave me goosebumps.

    I know the feeling, when i had Thea nobody taught me the proper way to breastfeed- i had a wrong choice of hospital then, so i was only able to express milk thru the electronic pumper. Sabi nilam if it is naturally sucked out mas lalakas ang flow ng milk. I think its true kasi after 3 months my milk supply dried up.

    Just like you, id make it up and do it right on my second child.

    Happy MM and my entry is up too, check it here when you got time.

    God bless.

    darly’s last blog post..MM- New Favorite


  2. I agree with you. A very rare mommy moment indeed! It was my mom who captured this moment at the hospital, and my eldest being so cautious hugged and watched me what I was doing.

    Sure I will… Thanks for the visit!


  3. breast milk is the best for babies. sad to say i was able to breastfed my daughter for only two months. my milk dried up and I don’t know why. maybe it’s common for first time moms because they don’t know much things yet about the proper breastfeeding.

    rossel’s last blog post..New Favorite


  4. Indeed breastfeeding is one bonding moment worth reminiscing when our children grows and it’s my favorite too. Not only does it give the best nutrients to our kids, it also helps lose post pregnancy fats. I can’t be thankful enough for giving me the chance to breastfeed my daughter for a full 10 months, but I still regret that I stopped as I should have done it longer. Enjoy breastfeeding, mommy!

    AC’s last blog post..New Favorite – Mommy Moments


  5. I do breastfeed my son for two years and i am happy for it. Having the baby breastfeed they are far from getting a disease or away from sickness hehhee. Your baby is healthy…Anyway, happy mommy moments. Mine is up also…


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