A Challenging Week – Part 2

Breastfeeding. Sure it does make bonding MOMents more special but the challenge gets bigger as days pass by. I gave birth on Monday but was able to start breastfeeding on Wednesday. She was on bottle (formula) feeding for 2 days coz I was still on medicines and my Ob advised me to get some rest first because of the strength and energy that I may had lost during the labor hours. So I did. The moment I could move and sit on the bed, I started breastfeeding but not pure breastfeeding. I only started with pure breastfeeding last Sunday not because I intend to but because my little one won’t let go of my breasts. I guess she feels pacified when latched on my breast/s. I felt good especially whenever I hear her burp out loud. But then again, the doubt is there if she’s getting enough milk or am I overfeeding her?

Yesterday, I sent her Pedia an SMS and asked her if it’s okay to breastfeed the baby anytime she wants and for as long as she wants. Glad she replied immediately before I went completely paranoid. With breastfeeding, babies are not overfed it seems, because they take time to suck and they’d automatically stop whenever/as soon as they are satisfied. She told me if I want I can give her a pacifier so I can rest too. The big challenge here is she does want my breasts during the night, and that gives me restless nights. I’m not complaining. That actually satisfies me and motivates me more to breastfeed her. Marinig ko lang ang burp na malakas every after feed, I feel like jumping for joy already.

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