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Moving blues

Three years ago when we finally left Bahrain for good. Packing was a nightmare, and so as moving.

My husband left Bahrain before us and left all the packing, disposing and other errands in my hand. To do it with a kid in her terrible two period made it more difficult for me to finish everything peacefully.

I was able to pack the small things that we can carry with us. I sent the useful big items through sea freight and disposed and sold the big ones to friends at a very affordable price. I, even sold/transferred my 21″ TV with its TFC subscription for only BD10. I had no choice but to dispose our things quickly coz we had no more time to keep things pending. That’s when I wished for something like Self Storage Chicago. All you had to do is make a list of what you are sending, drag the item, request for a quote and reserve a schedule online.

Plus the disadvantage of not receiving them on time. Usually, it arrives to its destination in less than a month, but in my case, our reached after 6 weeks. And when it reached me, some of my stuff were damaged and broken. Despite the note to please handle them with care, I guess no one did.

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