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Moving out!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we’re moving out to the apartment which my Uncle owns. It’s a new apartment and the best part is we got the door on the second floor. That’s right! I won’t have to worry even if it floods on the street and the whole area, my stuff are safe. Speaking of stuff, the other day I bought some new furniture and appliances like dining set, sofa set, stove, A/C, TV stand/rack and some kitchen items like dishrack, tableware and cutleries. Luckily, my brother is coming for vacation in the next two weeks and he’s buying a new fridge for my mom. The old one (which I partly own hehe!) goes to my apartment. I still have to buy a TV for us as I am not taking my TV when we move out as well as the corner sofa set that the Sheriff gave me.

Since I have an airbed and ate Deye got her own bed, I am buying a bed next payday to give way to other expenses like school supplies and groceries. Aaaargh! There’s more. The list of things to buy goes on and on and right now my head is spinning.

Here’s hoping this isn’t forever. I meant, the renting. Praying and wishing soon our dream house could get started. Don’t want it to be a dream forever. I wish for a well-off lifestyle with my kids, and watch them play around our big yard and sell my timeshare maybe LOL! Now that’s a dream!

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