On formal occasions, I always prefer to wear a set of pearls may it be made with silver or mixed with gold, it doesn’t matter for as long as it has pearls. For one, I find it very elegant to wear especially when you are wearing a black dress.

The white set next to the jewelry box was over 3 years old. I bought this from someone who dives for pearl in Pundaquit. That set costs me Php800 only, I could say this set is real as it does not give powder when rubbed onto each other. I remember the diver burned few pieces using a lighter but nothing happened and the quality remained the same. The rest were all bought from the mall and online shops.

Pearl Accessories

While this set was bought from India. Actually, my in laws sent them to me. Since it’s in gold, I don’t find it safe to wear as it may put my life into danger except from the 4 pearl bangles that are not too fancy and eye catching.

Now, who says that diamonds are girl’s bestfriend? Pearls are, too!

Mitch Carvalho

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