My Valentine this year is a bit  different. It was not just about anticipating to receive something from the big boss, friends, work colleagues and lovedones. It turned out to be a superfun Valentine with cheesy activities.

First on the list was the Papemelroti notepad and heart-shaped chocolates that I received from my immediate boss.

notepad and chocolates

Then the anticipated “something” from the big boss.  As I have mentioned here, this has been a practice every year.

from the big boss

The activities actually started before lunch. Those wearing black were asked to pick a pink or red balloon and give it to their chosen ones. Pink means “I appreciate you” and red means “I admire you”. I actually missed watching my colleagues gave their balloons to their chosen ones as I was busy in the Conference Room with my immediate boss, preparing the programme of our guests coming in the afternoon.

At half past 2pm, another task was announced. Those wearing blue and violet (that’s where I belong coz I worn blue yesterday) were asked to choose printed out papers with “pick up lines” on it, drop them in a bowl with the name of your chosen one, and it be delivered to them personally through the help of our Admin Assistant, Joy. An hour later, when I was already in the Conference Room with the guests, Gayle came to me and secretly told me that the pick up lines have been delivered and both of us got two of each. How’s that?

pick up lines

I have a feeling that these came from our Production guys. At around 5pm, another task was given. Those wearing white were asked to make a coffee, put a note that reads “You make me smile” and deliver it to their chosen ones. Guess what I got one but it was delivered through our Technician, and when he said “Alam mo na yan kung kanino galing”.


Of course, I know who that person was. He has been open about it, someone from our Production line.

It was a superfun Valentine’s Day all in all and my day was completed as I got home. As I was entering the house, my daughter  handed me a little something that she made in school, at the same time a call from my husband saying he’s already online.

Mitch Carvalho

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