I always hear Globe OFW Family Pack being plugged over Wowowee and for a moment I was convinced. Actually, I was about to buy a pack so when we leave next month, my family would also be able to call me. But then I thought of checking the difference first with Smart roaming services before buying. I then searched over the Net to see what other people who are using Globe roaming service have shared:

im also using roaming globe normal prepaid sim card dito sa qatar. then si bf, when he heard about this ofw family sim, tinawag nya na lang sa customer service at ginawa kaming family sim. kaya zero maintaning balance na ako. at saka mas naging stable yung signal ng globe, dati kasi madalas mawalan ng signal. so, palaging unli lang sya at yung globe ko naman pang receive lang ng mga texts messages nya, and what i like about globe roaming, pwede syang matawagan, kaya lang 60 pesos ang charged sa tinawagan. by ms_ldr

i’m using this before kami ni hubby nasa US sya. ok sa part ko kasi 1 peso lang ang bawas sakin and i can even text him kung naka unli ako or sulitxt. yung sa part nya lang ang masaklap kasi its like 20 pesos or 25 pesos pag sumagot sya sakin. tapos kahit sino samin ang tumawag may bawas sa kanya. tinawagan ko sya nabawasan na ko nabawasan pa sya. 80 pesos per minute ang bawas sa kanya. nagtataka ko kung bakit ganun then i called CS ng globe 80 nga daw ang bawas. by honeycake

After reading those comments, I decided to just continue  my Smart sim. Anyhow, there’s not much difference except for the privilege of receiving a call when you are abroad. With Smart, you can’t do that, you can only receive messages and if you reply using the roamed sim you get charged of P20 while the sender gets charged of the normal sms rate @ P1. So, it’s one of the same thing. You’d end up getting double charged. I’d rather buy a sim card in India so I can get hold of my family here in Pnas, besides that would happen very seldom coz we’d be YM connected hahaha! Yun ang tipid pack LOL! Or othewise, I’ll message them from my India sim and receive their messages on my roamed Smart sim, just like how I used to do when I was still in Bahrain. Anyway, that’s only for 2 mos so it won’t hurt much.

Catch you later! I need to get Lipovox for my cousin. We’ll meet up later tonight!

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