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Nivea Moisturing Body Lotion

I’m not really a fan of scented lotion unless it’s a gift and it came on time just when I ran out of one. I have been a Nivea lotion user over the years and I guess I’ll keep my loyalty to it until it’s available.

Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion

It’s been a routine for my husband to get my wish list at least a week before he comes home. Aside from the Victoria’s Secret Splashes, Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion always occupies the first slot on the list. It does not leave my skin dry.

Nivea Moisturizing Body Lotion has an ultra light formula with Sea Minerals  that is absorbed in seconds, leaving the skin immediately soft and supple and delicately wrapped in a  blue lotus scent. Nivea’s unique formula naturally promotes moisture supply from within for long lasting soft skin.

Right now, I’ve got stocks of 3 big bottles. Before I ran out, my brother will be home. It’s either my brother buys for me or my husband sends it through my brother. So that’s how I survive!

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