Not Smart Enough!

Goodness! I really don’t know what’s happening with Smart lately…. I’ve been trying to call my in-laws since last week but I couldn’t get through. I was able to get through yesterday morning but the line was static and I got cut off after a few seconds! Grrrrrrrrr!

Even last Saturday, it happened to Derrick. I wasn’t able to come online that afternoon coz I went out with my cousins and stayed late out to watch Rocksteddy’s free concert. He was wondering where I was coz he didn’t see me online at all heehee! So he tried calling me, but he couldn’t get through too. And when he finally caught me, the line was cut. Kainis di ba? Then he tried calling my parents’ cellphone and said they were off. Huh? We never do that, I swear!

What’s happening with Smart’s service these days? Hmpppppp!

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  1. Isa pa yang Smart Bro, tawag ko nga Smart Brobagal hehe! I made a complain nga last month kasi I couldn’t stand my super bagal connection. Tapos inilipat nila ng site yung connection ko, ayun medyo bumilis naman kahit paano. Kasi daw congested na yung pinagkakabitan ng connection ko.


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