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On continuous garden improvement

..because landscaping done by the professionals costs a fortune, I prefer to do everything on my own. Last Sunday, I decided to trim down some plants which are growing too fast, blocking the outside view. I’ve also managed to transform it to a better looking garden pocket.

If you will notice, there are uneven scattered white stones on the ground near the path stones. Those are pumice stones that I use for my cacti and succulents’ soil mix. They help me keep the garden cleaner especially when it rains heavily. However, in the picture, you see very less because I’ve already used them for re-potting my newly acquired cacti. In the next few days, I plan to replace them with gravel just because they are a lot cheaper compared to the common garden stones teehee!


I love how it turned out. Neat and simple.


I ran out of big stones for borders so I used coconut shells as an alternative. Just in time, that same day I cooked  a dish that had fresh coconut milk, hence, there were coconut shells available in the household. Isn’t it pretty?


These tall spikey plants (Sorry, I don’t know the name) have been with me since we moved in almost 3 years ago, and they never failed to make me smile as they grow.

I made use of what I have so far but I hope to acquire more plants that are appropriate for landscaping a small home garden.

Guess what makes my garden more beautiful (Well, at least for me because I work hard on it)? My small but growing cactus and succulent collection. Take a peek.

Feel free to view my small collection here. Enjoy!

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