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On Our Flight To Mumbai

Imagine traveling with a 3 year old? I’d say it was really terrible! We left Hongkong on time, but when we got there, we were advised that flights via Delhi to Mumbai were delayed due to a bad weather in Delhi. We were supposed to leave at 5pm, but it was already 8pm and there were still no signs of luck. It was around half past 9pm when we were finally told that the boarding gate was opened.

4 and 1/2 hours later, we reached Delhi safely but later on found out that the connecting flight to Mumbai was canceled. We were assisted to clear the immigration and took our baggages as we were given an option to take a domestic flight instead. At the immigration counter, the problem all started. Can you blame me when I completely forgotten that Deye’s Phil and Indian Passports were still attached together? I was so exhausted plus she was half asleep and I was carrying two handbags in my hand. The Immigration Officer said that having two (diff) passports in India is not allowed and that they have to take and cease it. Do I have any other choice? Of course, I don’t. But thank God they were so considerate to give Deye a 14 day landing permit. I paid an amount of $40 for that by the way. We were held at the Immigration Office for more than an hour and almost missed the domestic flight. Good thing that an Assisting Officer was with us the whole time and I didn’t have to worry. In fairness, we were put in an Executive Class flight but then again it took more than an hour to take off.

Imagine the waiting time? I wish I had brought some Amazon books with me to pass my time. I’m also thankful that we reached Mumbai safely at exactly 6am. Seeing my two Ds hugged each other so tightly at the airport was enough.

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  • Arlene

    ohwell, at least you got that choice. di bale makabayad basta ang makapasok ang importante. hmmm alang picture nag hug ang dalawa..but i understand, pagod si mommy. or not in the pic pic mode kasi pagod at excited din nakita si D…and am sure he hugged u tight din. 😀

    Arlene’s last blog post..PH – Hat/s


  • Mitch

    True, we were luckier enough kasi yung couple na Brit dun they were advised to catch the next flight going back to London pero kasi naman sila wala talagang visa, but then again di sila binigyan ng tulad ng kay Deye at least na landing permit for 14 days.

    I wasn’t able to capture that moment. All I had in mind was to get home, have a wash and rest. We traveled for more than 24 hrs ba naman and I didn’t get to sleep at all.


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