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On separation anxiety

can-stock-photo_csp21304010I never thought we would experience separation anxiety episodes. For the past two years that my youngest, Ishi have been in school, I’ve never had encountered difficulty in leaving her in her classroom until yesterday. I was surprised when she cried hard not allowing me to leave her. Good thing I was able to divert her attention which helped me leave the room. Talked to her yesterday and it seems like she was okay with it. In fact, she was again excited this morning, insisting to get ready 2 hours early than the usual.

Dropped her off and checked on my eldest first, who is on the second floor. She was still okay until it was time for me to leave. This time I was shocked with how she behaved! She was crying out loud, screaming “Mama ko!! Mama ko!!”, pulling my dress and throwing tantrums while seated on the floor. It took me half an hour before I was able to leave the room, left her crying so loud! For more than 10 minutes she was on the floor, not even paying attention to her teacher who was trying to calm her down. I wanted to get in the room again but controlled my self. I had to. Otherwise, this episode won’t end. 

So timely, we had our orientation this afternoon and was able to talk to their School Administrator about it. She had witnessed her crying scene yesterday and mentioned what Ishi said yesterday when they were trying to calm her down “I want my Ate!”.

As soon as we got home from school, I talked to her. Here’s what she said “I don’t want to be in our classroom. I wanted to be on the same floor where Ate is.”

Rewind. My thoughts exactly why she is behaving like this suddenly:

I have noticed that since I stopped working, she has become too clingy not even wanting to go anywhere without me and vice versa.

  • My mom used to keep her on weekends with them, and she does not even bother even if she doesn’t see me for days. But that changed since I stopped working and got used to seeing me everyday almost 24 hours.
  • She won’t sleep in their bedroom anymore, even with Ate Rose and Deye.
  • When I need to go somewhere for errands, I have to talk to her in advance and let her understand where I am heading and why I needed to go there.
  • In her previous schools, there is no second floor and she would always see her Ate Deye whenever possible.
  • In her previous class, she had a girlfriend that she wanted to sit with all the time. This time she’s the only girl in the class.

Honestly, I was not prepared for this. All the while I thought she’d be okay. As I have said earlier, we never had this problem ever even when she was only 3 years old, in Nursery level. I had no choice but to promise her that I’d just be around, in the campus while she’s there. We’ll see how it goes…

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