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I so love window shopping but when I see babies and toddler’s clothes hanging on the display, I always end up buying at least 1 to 2 pairs of clothes for my daughter and I tend to check for more. The excitement continues while I’m still within the children’s section but as soon as I reached the cashier counter, I always get annoyed by the long queue plus the fact that sometimes cashiers are slower than the turtles, as if they are really taking their time till their last duty hour or sometimes chat with the cashier next to them talking about petty things. And if you remind them that there are customers waiting in the queue, they’ll just look at you and sometimes continue with what they’re doing. No. Not the punching of the items but chatting with the next cashier.

These typical scenes always happen to me. I would sometimes end up just leaving the items at the counter and go empty handed. That’s why I sometimes find online shopping more easier and convenient. And with Shop Wiki, it feels like you’re really shopping in the mall as it also gives you shopping guides like this one.

So if you are looking for toddler’s clothes just like me, it’ll give you a guide that discusses the sizes and colors etc. See! It is as easy as shopping in the mall minus the long queue and annoying cashiers.

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