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Yesterday was Deye’s 2nd session of her violin lesson and I’d say she’s a fast learner because of two things:

  • She loves music.
  • And this is what she likes to do.

She’s been telling me about learning the violin last year but I was really hesitant to give in because of one reason, Deye is a typical kid who wants something and the next minute she doesn’t wanna do it again, anymore.

Again, before the school year ended, their school introduced the summer classes available come vacation. So I asked her again if she still wants to learn the violin, if she says yes, that mean she really likes it. If not, maybe then she was just intrigued of what that guitar with a stick looks like.

Obviously, she said yes. We agreed. I consulted my husband and he also said try if she’ll like it, but then I said once she’s in it, we also need to buy a violin for her. Loving, generous and stage parents that we are, we, again gave in.

I bought her a violin. “Pikit-mata” I didn’t mind how much it’ll cost for a not so sure learning process. I just hoped and wished that she will enjoy every session and that she will really learn something.

I guess I need not to worry anymore. After two sessions, she can already play few keys:

If there’s one thing I learned about this “When kids are supported by parents, you need not to worry about anything. They’d even make you prouder for letting them do what they want to do.”

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  1. Wow, you must be so proud 🙂 She looks like a pro, just holding that violin.
    Makes me think about my own daughter’s interests…she has quite a lot, so I’m not sure what to focus on. Maybe a little bit of everything? I don’t know…


  2. I really think parents should encourage their kids to try new things and support their interests kahit na most of the time masakit sa bulsa. With her videos I’ve seen so far, mukhang she really loves playing the violin.

    In our family, only my youngest brother was inclined to music. He was part of the Rondalla in elementary, we don’t have spare money to buy him an instrument but with the support of my parents and his teachers, he learned how to play and was included in Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group when he was in high school. They had shows in Glorietta, CCP and was sent to other provinces. Sadly he lost interest in playing when he went to college. His friends and mentors from Ramon Obusan group still contact him for a show, one of which was a show outside the country pero ayaw na niya talaga.

    gene’s last blog post..toddler talk #3


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