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On Taking Precautions

My daughter does not go to school yet but soon she will be. I have already made inquiries and set my mind to where she’d go to.  With this, I have also gathered info like How to cope with preschool illnesses. I know the feeling when someone falls sick especially if it’s your child that is involved.

I remember one incident when my daughter went through bad skin rashes. We really thought it was because of some food allergies. But we did all what we could do only to find out that it wasn’t. The doctor said that there are instances that when someone is sick, instead of getting the same illness, the skin reacts so badly. Too bad that it happened to my daughter. I’m afraid it’ll happen to her again when she goes to school.

That’s why at this early, I’m already taking the precautions and I hope it works. I’m a first time mom and hardly know what to do. So I guess reading and gathering info like these would help a lot. If I could only wrap her up in a cotton wool, or put her in a safety container so she won’t get sick, I would. But there’s no other way to get rid of these illnesses other than taking early precautions.

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