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On Traveling

Bahrain to Mumbai > This is Deye’s 2nd time to travel by plane. As usual, she’s always okay with it plus the Sky Nannies have been very helpful to us. They even gave us a nice seat-front-by the window and we were lucky to have the baby cot right in front of us. It only took us 3 hours to reach Mumbai, we landed on time at around 4am.

Mumbai to Goa > We traveled by bus. Left Mumbai at 9pm and reach Goa the next day half past 11am. I’d say it’s more comfy to travel by bus as long as you take the sleeper type. Since we got two tickets for this compartment, it’s almost the size of a single bed.

But the thing is we had to wait till it stops in certain places for a break. Then only we can comfort ourselves in the loo. Plus Deye’s system reacted to the long travel by bus, she vomited so badly. Good thing that I kept 3 pairs of extra clothes handy. We had also bought her a magic slate where she can doodle and scribble. At least our clothes and sheets are safe from pen ink. :p

While in Goa

> Derrick rented a bike so that we (just the three of us) could go from one place to another easily. At first I was worried that Deye won’t feel comfortable or she’d get scared. well, I was wrong, she loved it!

> On our last day in Goa, since my in-laws joined us for tour, we decided to rent a car with a driver @ RS1,000 from 11am till 5pm, reasonable enough huh!

Goa to Mumbai > This time we traveled by train – second class-sleeper type. We left Goa at exactly 8:30am and touched base at 9pm. We were not able to get first class-sleeper with AC, everything was fully booked. They advised us that next time it’s always better to get the seats reserved a month before the traveling date. It was also comfy but going to the toilet wasn’t. Or maybe I was just scared hehehe! I didn’t know that everything goes straight to the railway hahaha! It was actually my first time to travel by train this far, that’s why!


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  • mitchteryosa

    Hi Chats! Little Deye enjoyed a lot during our stay in my hubby’s province, dun nya nakilala ang iba’t ibang animals hehe!

    Oo nga eh, naawa nga ako nung nagvomit sya kaya when we were coming back to my hubby’s house, nagtrain na lang kami.

    If you look at the sidebar, you’ll see our family picture there, paki-click na lang po yung here, and it’ll direct you to the rest of the photos. Thanks ulit!


  • chateau

    Must have been an adventure, esp. for little Deye!
    But i could imagine how difficult it was for her to travel for long hours on the bus. My daughter V has motion sickness, so mega vomit din sya whenever we travel, kahit short distances lang.
    More photos please. I’d love to see how exotic India is. 🙂


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