On Vanity

When I took the vanity test, I concluded that I am not vain. I think I have to take it back. I’m vain… but not quite to myself. It has something to do with my daughter heehee!

Look at this photo. I’ve done her hair this way in the morning. It should match her dress in any way. And with this style, it took me more than 30 minutes to finish it. I wanted it neat and even. To make it possible, I had to give her bunches of trinkets to keep her busy and sit still. And I didn’t care no matter messy the bed was with all the scattered trinkets for as long as I have her attention.

Same goes with my hair. May it be short or long, I still take so much of time in front of the mirror. And I will end up having it tied up hehehe!

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  1. Ako din..when I took the test I got a really “vain” score. All the while I thought I’m so burara. Yun pala may kikay factor pala ako. Oh well 🙂


  2. Di ko pa din matanggap na vain ako haha! My officemates say I am! Kasi I have this habit of looking at the glass wall opposite our bldg. and check myself everytime we walk off the office hahaha!


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