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Every now and then, we come across reports in the news or social media of unsuspecting people being cheated of their hard earned money just because they wanted to make some extra money from a get-rich scheme. I am sure we all desire for some extra money to help us through in times of need when we have to settle unexpected bills incurred through times of emergency e.g. hospital and medical bills, dental bills, car workshop bills, etc.

There are many ways to earn extra money. Some hold a part-time job after their normal office hours, some go for part-time job working Saturdays and Sundays. Others may register as direct sellers selling all kinds of products ranging from health products to kitchenware or household products. There are others who sell insurances. 

I came to know of friends teaming up together to set up an online business website wholesale summer dresses, wholesale tee shirts and pants, wholesale skirts, and also wholesale children’s clothing, etc. and selling them at retail prices. They each contributed toward a capital fund to enable them to buy wide range of products to offer to their online clients from local and overseas.

They buy their goods from online wholesalers. Wholesalers like offer a wide range of wholesale fashion products consisting of clothing, cosmetics, fragrances, handbags and sunglasses, etc. under one roof. The wholesale prices are very much cheaper and selling them at retail prices earn them a bigger profit. Images of goods are then posted on their own website for their clients to view and to order. They will order new products whenever they have generated enough money from their sales. They enjoy these extra money without having to get tied to a part-time job or having to meet sales target.

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