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Top Poster of the Month – $5

1. A member should have a post of at least 30 within the duration time to be eligible to win. Whoever has the highest post above 30 at the end of the contest will get the $5.
2. Posts should be in English. Posts in Tagalog or other language will not count towards the contest.
3. Posts should be at least 250 characters and above. You can create your own topic or reply to those already posted.
4. Posts should be spread into different categories. For the classified ads category only 10 posts will be counted for the contest. The rest of the post should be in other categories. We will accept suggestions of categories if the category you want is not yet listed. You just have to send a pm or email to any administrator or post in the suggestion category. Admin will then decide if the category requested will be added or not.

Top Referrer of the Month – $5

1. In your profile there is a referral link for every member. Just invite anyone you know to join us here using that link. All referrals are counted and will be posted in your account profile. It will also reflect in their profile on who their referrer is so we can trace everything.
2. All referrals should be active and should have at least 5 posts within the contest duration for it to be counted. Referrals with no post at all for the whole month will not be counted.
3. Anybody who referred at least 15 for the contest duration will be eligible to win. Whoever has the highest number above 15 will get the prize.

Contest will start today until October 5. We will announce the winner on Oct. 6. Payment will be thru paypal. The winner should email the admin his/her paypal email so we can send the prize.

Note : Onliners Club is a young forum, so expect for more tips and guidelines. Who knows one day they might offer professional seo services as well.

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