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OWM : SJS Grand Reunion 2010

Dad & I attended SJS Grand Reunion last night. The said event was organized and hosted by Batch 80. My dad was from Batch 70 while I was from Batch 93. Sad, but only few from our batch made it to the event. We understand that everyone gets busy these days and it was only a short notice but a day (it’s not even an all day event, just few hours in fact) spent with old friends/classmates would be nice, isn’t it?

Most of the attendees came from 3-R (third year section R). Well, there were just 10 of us unfortunately.

(The guy in checkered is Carlos Morales, an actor. Yeah, he’s from our batch and he was also a classmate in third year)

Don’t you think majority of us need weight loss products? LOL! Anyway, I’d also like to share Dad’s batch. Just like us, only few from their batch made it to the event. It was nice meeting them and learned that one of their daughters was also from my batch.

We’re planning to have another reunion next year in celebration of our 18th year and hoping to see new faces.

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