I took this quiz in FB, oh so true!

You are peaceful. You love to take it slow. You are quiet but you aren’t shy. You have a sever wit and a strange, subtle humour that catches people off guard. You are sympathetic but you don’t get wrapped up in other people’s problems. You are patient and although you have deep emotions you keep them to yourself. You are consistent. You like history and connect to the past. Things that are tried and proven appeal to you. You meditate on your problems and don’t jump to conclusions. You like to find the easy way of dealing with things. You avoid conflict and mediate when others are conflicting, defusing the situation with logic or humour. You don’t like drama and chaos but your are good under pressure and rarely freak out. You are very easy to get along with. You have a lot of acquaintances but not a lot of close friends. You don’t confide in many people but get along with everyone. There are very few people you don’t like, if any at all. You are either a good listener or you can sit and pretend to listen while you let your mind wander into nothingness – depends on your mood. No one can tell though which you are doing. You like watching people, observing their habits and actions. You might even mimic them, if the situation calls for it, but you are inoffensive. Calm, cool, and collected I think is the phrase. Introvert: The Watcher.

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