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Please ‘Ma!

I was busy reading something about fat burner the other day when suddenly Deye asked me:

Deye: Please ‘ma, payagan mo na ako mag-enrol sa Galileo! (Please ‘ma, allow me to enrol in Galileo)

Galileo is just similar to Kumon.

Me: Wala na tayong pera. (We don’t have money anymore.)

Deye: O sige, papayag na nga akong gabing gabi ka sa office ha? Para we’d have more money.

She just meant to say I can stay up late in the office for as long as we’d have the money for her Galileo. I remember I told her during the Training week at work where I would come home late at night, when both the girls are already asleep, that she shouldn’t wait for Mama, that Mama will just be in the office busy working so that we’d have more money.

That thought stayed in her mind, that if I stay back in the office until late hours, we’d have more money. If we have more money, then I can afford to send her to Galileo haha! Smart kid!

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