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Ate Deye did it again!

With the new househelp staying with us, Ate Deye somehow got confused and started asking questions.

Deye : Mama, asan na si Ate Minda? *referring to the 2nd househelp who just left)

Mama : Uwi na sya sa kanila.

Deye : Ahhh ok po. Eh sino na next na dadating?

Mama : Si Ate Marissa po…

Deye : After Ate Marissa, sino na ulit?

Mama : Ay sana last na anak!

Deye : Ahhhh ok. Tatlo lang pala sila na lalabas…

Hahaha! It must have stayed in her mind that more are about to come and stay with us, kasi nga naman almost every month we’re changing househelpers LOL!


The other day, Marissa, our new househelp was washing the clothes. Deye asked me:

Deye : Mama…. Mama…

Me: Po?

Deye : Where is Ate Marissa?

Me : Naglalaba.

Deye : Ahhhh “lavender” sya today???

Ay kalowka hahahaha!

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