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PMC Weekly Fest : Dessert

This week’s PMC theme is about your fave Dessert. This is my personal favorite home made dessert. But before I go on, I have few things to tell you:

I am not good at cooking, I do it for the sake of love teehee! I’m warning you “try this at your own risk!” LOL! Honestly, I’m one of those unfortunate ones who doesn’t even know to cook rice the traditional way hehehe! But I’m trying…. very hard. This recipe has been tested and tried by my husband, {and the whole household} so far I got a 5 thumbs up {Now don’t ask me whether I did really well or was he doing it as well for the sake of love LOL!} And to keep you calm and relaxed, well, so far no one has reported a stomach ache. YET. Nyahahaha! They are still alive and kicking my #!@ for making them eat those. Kidding! Try it! You’ll love it!

So here’s my share for this week’s PMC theme, I call it Pudding ala Leche. I repeat, try it at your own risk. LOL!

You would need the following:

12-15 pcs Pan de Sal or 8-10 pcs of sliced white bread (left overs are best recommended)
1 can of Condensed milk
Sugar (up to you how sweet you wanted it)
1 tbsp Sugar for the Caramel
1/2 liter of Fresh boiled milk
2 whole eggs
Llanera ( I don’t know how it’s exactly called but it’s the canister that you used for making leche flan) and Steamer, since I don’t have these things, I used these things my alternatives:

Stainless Steel Canister and a Pressure Cooker

First, I used my heavy duty blender to make bread crumbs. Here’s how it should look like:

Then pour the boiled fresh milk, stir. Then pour the condensed milk next, after that the eggs and sugar and keep on stirring till it becomes:

Now, you need the caramel. Put the sugar into the canister and do it as how its shown, till it’s brown (don’t burn it though):

After that, pour the mix into the same canister, keep it in the cooker uncovered, then cover the cooker and let it steam for like 10 minutes OR count the no. of whistles LOL! You should steam it within 1-20 whistles. I’m not kidding, that’s how I do it. I count them. Really.

That’s it! You now have a homemade Pudding ala Leche!



1. Make a post with a picture of your favorite dessert. Put the ingredients and the cooking instruction. You can copy anywhere in the WWW as long as you gave credit to the site where you took the recipe. The most creative way of posting the ingredients win.

2. Link to PMC using the badge and to our benefactors for the week:

3. Post the PERMALINK of your ENTRY here.

The winners will get the following prizes:

  • 1000 ec credits to the MOST CREATIVE POST
  • 50 ec to all participants except the winner

Hope one of you liked my entry, try it, it’s good! Will visit your entries in a while as I need to look for CAT6 for my hubby.

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